Getting Started

Welcome to the Indy SDK! This is the best place to be introduced to the Indy ecosystem. If you are looking to first understand how Indy SDK can be used to implement self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials, first check out the video of a demo created by IBM:

If you have just started learning about self-sovereign identity, here are some resources to increase your understanding:

  • Hyperledger Indy Working Group calls happen every Thursday at 8amPT, 9amMT, 11amET, 4pmBST. Add to your calendar and join from any device:
  • A recent webinar explaining self-sovereign identity using Hyperledger Indy and Sovrin: SSI Meetup Webinar
  • Visit the main resource for all things “Indy” to get acquainted with the code base, helpful resources, and up-to-date information: Hyperledger Wiki-Indy
  • The next page contains an extended tutorial introduces Indy, explains how the whole ecosystem works, and how the functions in the SDK can be used to construct rich clients.

To begin writing code, we recommend running the Getting Started Guide with Docker

If you’d like a more thorough technical walkthrough of SSI using Indy, take a look at the Indy Story Walkthrough that we’ve written.

Once you’ve looked through these guides, we recommend looking around the SDK Wrappers (Github folder) to understand the SDK, and then using the How-to Guides we’ve created to accomplish what you’d like to do.