Add Node to Existing Pool

Node preparation

  1. Add this files from a running node:
  1. Initialize keys, aliases and ports on the new node using init_indy_node script. Example:
sudo su - indy -c "init_indy_node NewNode 9701 9702 0000000000000000000000000NewNode"
  1. When the node starts for the first time, it reads the content of genesis pool_transactions_sandbox and domain_transactions_sandbox files and adds it to the ledger. The Node reads genesis transactions only once during the first start-up, so make sure the genesis files are correct before starting the service.
sudo systemctl start indy-node
sudo systemctl status indy-node
sudo systemctl enable indy-node

Add Node to the Pool

  1. As Trustee add another Steward if needed (only Steward can add a new Validator Node; a Steward can add one and only one Validator Node).
  2. Using Indy CLI, run the following command as Steward:
ledger node target=6G9QhQa3HWjRKeRmEvEkLbWWf2t7cw6KLtafzi494G4G client_port=9702 client_ip= alias=NewNode node_ip= node_port=9701 services=VALIDATOR blskey=zi65fRHZjK2R8wdJfDzeWVgcf9imXUsMSEY64LQ4HyhDMsSn3Br1vhnwXHE7NyGjxVnwx4FGPqxpzY8HrQ2PnrL9tu4uD34rjgPEnFXnsGAp8aF68R4CcfsmUXfuU51hogE7dZCvaF9GPou86EWrTKpW5ow3ifq16Swpn5nKMXHTKj blskey_pop=RaY9xGLbQbrBh8np5gWWQAWisaxd96FtvbxKjyzBj4fUYyPq4pkyCHTYvQzjehmUK5pNfnyhwWqGg1ahPwtWopenuRjAeCbib6sVq68cTBXQfXv5vTDhWs6AmdQBcYVELFpyGba9G6CfqQ5jnkDiaAm2PyBswJxpu6AZTxKADhtSrj
  • alias specifies unique Node name
  • blskey specifies BLS key from init_indy_node script
  • blskey_pop specifies Proof of possession for BLS key from init_indy_node script
  • target specifies base58 of the node public key (‘Verification key’ field in output of init_indy_node)

Example:Verification key is ab78300b3a3eca0a1679e72dd1656075de9638ae79dc6469a3093ce1cc8b424fIn order to get base58 of the verkey execute in your shell (you should have indy-plenum installed):python3 -c "from plenum.common.test_network_setup import TestNetworkSetup; print(TestNetworkSetup.getNymFromVerkey(str.encode(‘ab78300b3a3eca0a1679e72dd1656075de9638ae79dc6469a3093ce1cc8b424f’)))"Output:


Make sure that Node is workable

Do systemctl restart indy-node and verify that node completed catch-up successfully.